Monday, October 1, 2012


Despite not having posted earlier we arrived at the border last Wednesay morning! Glacier was beyond any beauty that I could have imagined and was a wonderful place to complete our thru hike. We arrived in Glacier a day earlier than expected and met my dad that evening and took the next two days off to enjoy exploring the park with him. It was GREAT to travel like a tourist- by CAR!- for a few days and see other parts of the park which the CDT does not go trough. After spending Friday night at The Backpacker's Inn, one of the great hostels in East Glacier Park, we headed into the park. For anyone reading this who enjoys hiking and beautiful places, Glacier is a polace you must go! We spent the next four and a half days hiking through the park, taking our time and doing low mile days. It was a beautiful way to end our hike. Below are some pictures from Glacier. I plan on making this website much more comprehensive, with links to full photos and some videos. Both Brazil Nut and I also want to put a gear list on here and want this website to continue to be a resource for other hikers. Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and helped us along the way. Thank you for reading and I will keep this posted with updates for futures hikes and adventures! ~Jetpack


  1. Awesome girls!

    I just got back from a trip to the arctic! It was great to read your blog and see your successful finish and great pics! Congratulations! I'm proud of you two! I can't wait to pick thru your blog and see what I've missed while away.

    I'm planning to SoBo the CDT next year. Heck ya- please post your gear list and what you liked/didn't like/ changed along the way.

    Wandering Dot (PCT 2011) I met Brazil Nut at KO and bumped into you both on the beach in San Diego after KO.

    Congrats and rock on.